Recovery Plan Steps in SRM 6.1 are skipped when the plan is initiated

Recently I came across an issue where SRM 6.1 skipped few steps during a Recovery Plan failover from Recovery site to Protected Site. I had to dig into the SRM settings to find out why and I found that I didn’t configure the Custom IP network rules on the Recovery site so the recovery plan skipped customizing IP address on the recovered VMs back in Protected Site.

here is the message as shown:


Explanation —

I have Two sites

Protected Site — NC

Recovery Site — Dallas

I have failed over from NC to Dallas fine because I put in the Network IP rules in the site NC under SRM –> Sites –> NC –> Manage –> Network Mappings, settings as shown:


As shown above, I have created the network IP Customization rule in Site_NC but forgot to do it in Site_Dallas. That is the reason why when the failback from Dallas to NC was initiated it skipped the IP customization of the VMs during the Recovery process.

NOTE: Make sure that you configure the Network IP rules on both the Protected and Recovery sites so that the IP customization is applied on the VMs at both the sites.