SDDC Manager 3.x [3.11.x] Issues & Solutions

Hello All,

Recently I came across a few issues while preparing for an VCF Upgrade from 3.11.x version to 4.x in our environment.

Below are few of the issues and how to resolve them using commands on the SDDC Manager

Issue: SDDC Manager UI shows the message “Password Manager option failed in pre-validation stage” or when you go to the security tab for password management, it shows that one of the password tasks have failed.

Issue: Deployment locked by password manager when you try to rotate the passwords of PSC, VCENTER from the security -> password management tab


Find the Deployment Lock ID in the sddc manager by logging into sddc manager using SSH, login as VCF and then root user and use the following command

psql --host=localhost -U postgres -d platform -c "select * from lock"

This will display the ID’s of the locked tasks in the SDDC Manager

Delete the locked task by using the following command

psql --host=localhost -U postgres -d platform -c "delete from lock where id=<ID displayed above>"

Once the task is deleted, the lock is released. You can now refresh the SDDC Manager UI and then continue with the password update or rotate options

Issue: Remove Failed Tasks in SDDC Manager



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